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Communicating with patients, marketing your practice, and keeping on top of patient forms is a lot to manage. Previously, we shared four tips to help you stay on top of patient communications. In this post, we have three more tips for getting the most out of Patient Engage.

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1. Create reminders with special instructions before procedures.

Reaching out to remind patients of procedure-specific instructions shouldn’t take a lot of time. In fact, with automatic reminders, they don’t take any time after initial setup. To create reminders with specific instructions, go to the Appointments tab and click Reminder Settings. From there, you can create a custom plan to remind patients to pre-medicate or bring specific information with them to their appointment.

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2. Respond to reviews.

Online reviews can be an emotional roller coaster full of praise or complaints. Regardless of what your patients say, we recommend maintaining that dialogue by responding to reviews. As always, you’ll want to be respectful and courteous when responding, so make sure you’re in a positive mental space before you dive in. To view and respond to reviews, open the Reputation Management tab and click Reviews.

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3. Use a mobile check-in process.

A good mobile check-in process can save you time and reduce the administrative burden on your staff. We recommend sending patients a link to fill out forms from their phone. Instead of waiting for patients to fill out forms in the lobby and trying to decipher their handwriting, you can import the digital forms and then move on to the next portion of the patient visit.

Click here to learn more about sending a check-in link.

Click here to learn more about configuring mobile check-in forms.

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  • View our on-demand webinar titled, “How to Get Started With Patient Engage Online Booking.” Click here to view.
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