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The Document Center is the place designated for you to store scanned documents in Dentrix. Here are some tips and tricks that can make it easier for you to locate your scanned documents.

Attaching Documents to Patients

When scanning documents into the Document Center you can select where to attach scanned documents. Most offices are familiar with scanning documents into an individual patient’s Document Center. There are also other areas where you can attach documents. A single document can be accessible from numerous places within the Document Center. For example, you could scan an insurance explanation of benefits into a patient’s Document Center and then edit and modify the document attachments to be able to attach it to multiple entities.

If the insurance explanation of benefits includes more than one patient, you can modify the document attachment and attach it to each patient it applies to without having to re-scan the documents into each individual patient’s Document Center.

You could also modify the attachments and attach the document to the appropriate insurance carrier. This would be beneficial if you wanted to look up an explanation of benefits for an insurance company to refer back to how they paid for a procedure, without having to remember the patient’s name that had the procedure.

Another example of when you can modify document attachments is in the case of a pediatric office which has parents sign a COVID form for all children in the family. You could scan the form once and then attach it to all applicable family members. The ability to modify document attachments can help you to save time when scanning and assigning documents.

New Feature in the Dentrix G7.5 Document Center

In Dentrix G7.5, the Document Center has improved how it handles electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOBs). eEOBs are attached to patients automatically in the Document Center.

If the eEOB has more than one patient on it, only the information pertinent to the individual patient will be attached to the patient’s Document Center. However, the entire eEOB will automatically be attached to the insurance carrier’s Document Center. This is a nice new feature because if you need to file a secondary claim, the primary eEOB saved in the patient’s Document Center will only contain information pertinent to that patient, which will help to protect patient privacy.

Because eEOBs are automatically attached to patients, you can have easy access to that information if you need to provide a patient with a copy. For example, if an insurance company pays less than you estimated due to a procedure being denied, when sending that patient a billing statement, you can also send them a copy of their EOB so that they can see exactly why their insurance company didn’t pay, hopefully saving you phone call from the patient down the road.

Because the eEOB saved to the patient’s Document Center only contains their specific information, you could quickly print it and include it with the patient statement without having to cut and paste so no other patient’s information is included.


When you scan a document into the Document Center, you can use the modify document attachments feature to assign the document to the individual patient’s Document Center, the dental insurance carrier’s Document Center, and/or the provider’s Document Center, without having to scan the same document multiple times.

By modifying the attachments in this way, you can make your documents easier to locate. The new Dentrix G7.5 features dealing with eEOBs help to protect patient privacy by including information pertinent to only the patient in the patient’s Document Center.

Additional Information

For more information, see the Dentrix G7.5 Insurance Improvements video. The information specific to eEOBs and the Document Center are at the 1:35 point of the video.

To learn more about the new features in Dentrix G7.5, and prepare your team for the upgrade, watch this on-demand webinar recording.

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By Charlotte Skaggs
Certified Dentrix Trainer and The Dentrix Office Manager columnist

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