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One of the hassles of receiving insurance payments is the time-consuming process of scanning, printing, and/or making screenshots of explanation of benefits (EOBs) to save to the Document Center for your records. Insurance carriers frequently pay several unrelated patient claims at the same time, so the EOB that they provide to you may include detail for multiple patients. Because of that, many offices are reluctant to attach that document to individual patient’s Document Centers in the chance that the information may somehow get shared with the patient, exposing protected health information (PHI) for other individuals. Some offices even painstakingly trim or crop the document before attaching it to each patient.

The Dentrix eEOB (Electronic EOB) feature can save you time and worry for those concerns! When an eEOB is received into Dentrix G7.5, a copy of each EOB is automatically saved to the Document Center in two ways:

  1. In the patients’ Document Centers (click the View menu in the Document Center, select By Patient, and select an individual patient), a document is saved containing just that patient’s EOB detail. Because the EOB only contains the patient’s information, it can conveniently be attached to a secondary claim or used as a reference if the patient needs to be reminded of how their treatment was covered.
  2. In the insurance carrier’s Document Center (click the View menu in the Document Center, select By Dental Insurance, and select the carrier) the entire EOB is saved with all patients’ details listed for that payment. This version of the EOB is useful for your office to be able to research or track the insurance payment.

We mentioned attaching secondary claims earlier, and the Dentrix automatic attachments feature has you covered there too! When using Dentrix G7.5 and eEOBs, Dentrix will find the patient’s primary EOB and automatically attach it to secondary insurance claims!

To turn this feature on, open the Ledger, and from the File menu, select Direct Processing Options Setup. Then select Always Attach EOB to Secondary and click OK to save the change.

If you are not already using Dentrix eEOBs, open the Ledger, and from the File menu select Enter Batch Ins Payment (this is where you will go to post eEOB payments). At the top of the window, click Register for Electronic EOBs to begin the sign-up process.

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