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Is a major employer in your area about to make some changes? Perhaps they will begin using a new insurance plan? Or maybe they are moving, shutting down, or merging with another company. You may want to do your research and know how many of your patients are going to be affected by such a change.

A Printed Report

If you want to see this on a printed page, generate the Employer List. In Office Manager, click Reports > Reference > Employer List.

In the From and To boxes, select the alphabetical range of employers you want to view. Or, if it’s just a single employer you want to view, select that same employer in both boxes. Check the box to Include Employees, and then click OK.

Preview or print the Employer and Employed Patents report to learn:

  • The Employer’s address and phone number
  • The total number of employed patients
  • The names of the employed patients

An Interactive Option

Or, if you wanted a more interactive list, you could view the same information in eDex. From any Dentrix module, click File > Switch To > eDex, or click the eDex toolbar button (that one that looks like a contact card).

Click the Set Filters button. From the list of filter options, check Employers. Remove any other selected filters and click Close.

In the Filtering by: Employers field, type part of the employer’s name. Select the employer from the search results.

In the preview area, eDex will show you:

  1. The Employer’s information
  2. The total number of Linked Insurance Plans and the names of those plans
  3. The total number of Employed Patients and their names
  4. eDex Notes field where you can make your own notes about the employer

If you want additional information about any of the employed patients, double-click their name to open that patient’s information in a new tab. You can also use the Family File, Ledger, Appointment Book, Patient Chart or Document Center module icons at the bottom of the screen to quickly jump to another area of Dentrix.

Additional Information

See the following topics in Dentrix Help: