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In recent Dentrix updates, the Adjustment Day Sheet started showing (P) or (C) before each adjustment type. What does this mean and how is it assigned?

The (P) or (C) indicate whether the adjustment is assigned to Production or Collection for reports that allow customization (such as the Provider A/R Totals Report or the Practice Advisor Report).

To assign adjustment types as either Production or Collections, from the Office Manager click Analysis and then click Practice Advisor.

Then click Practice Advisor Setup and click Assign Adjustment Types as Production/Collections.

Your current Production and Collections Adjustment Types are shown in two lists. You can move an adjustment type from one list to another by selecting it in the list and then clicking the arrow button that points to where you want to move it.

If you want to reset both lists to the Dentrix default, click Restore Defaults in the lower left of the window. You may want to take a screenshot of what the current settings are first to make it easier to reassign adjustments after resetting them!

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