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When you hire new staff to work at your practice, what do you need to do to add them to Dentrix? There are several factors to consider, but here are four essential functions you should perform to add a new staff member:

  • Add the staff member to Dentrix
  • Assign them a Dentrix password
  • Grant them administrative rights
  • Give them access to the time clock (as needed)

Add the New Staff Member

Adding a staff member to Dentrix gives the individual a unique four-digit ID that can be used to complete the remaining tasks — assigning a password, granting admin rights, and accessing the time clock.

  1. In the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Practice Resource Setup.
  2. Expand the Staff Members section and click the Add New Staff Member icon (the green plus sign).
  3. Enter the information for the new staff member.
    Note: The ID should be a unique, four-character, alphanumeric ID. Once you create and assign an ID, you cannot edit or delete it.
  4. Once you’ve entered the information, click OK to add the staff member to your Dentrix database.

Assign a Password and Grant Administrative Rights

If your office uses password protection — which is highly recommended — you’ll need to establish a password, and related security requirements, for the new member. To learn more about password requirements, read New Dentrix G7 Password Requirements (for offices using Dentrix G7 and later).

You may also need to grant the new employee specific administrative rights to various functions in Dentrix. To learn more about setting up these rights, read Setting Up Your Team with the Appropriate Rights.

Give Time Clock Access

If the new member is an hourly employee, you can add them to the company time clock. To learn more, read, Tick-Tock, Set Up Your Time Clock.

Bonus Tip

  • When a new staff member joins your team, it’s recommended that you create a new unique ID for that person rather than editing a former employee’s information and reusing their ID. Why? Because each ID is connected to appointments, password rights, time clock punches, audit trail histories, and so forth, for the old employee.

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