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Have you ever wanted to verify your patient’s insurance coverage for a day’s scheduled appointments? If you had all the patients with the same insurance grouped together, it would make it easier to verify their benefits. Fortunately, there is a list you can create from the Dentrix Appointment List that will do just that.

To generate the list, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Appointment Book.
  2. Click the Appt List menu item.
  3. From the Select List drop-down menu, select Appointments.
  4. The current date’s appointments are displayed, but you can choose a different day if needed. Click the drop-down arrow next to the date to select a specific date from the calendar or use the single arrow keys to move the date forward (or backward) one day at a time, or the double arrow key to move the date forward (or backward) a week at a time.
  5. Once you have a specific date selected, right-click anywhere in the column header row and make sure the Insurance option is selected. This will display the patients’ insurance carrier in its own column within the list.
  6. Click the Insurance column header to sort the list by insurance carrier. Then you’ll have all the patients with the same insurance together, making verifying insurance a bit easier.

Bonus Tip

If you feel this is a list you’d use in the future, once you have created your list using the steps above, click the Appointment List View button and modify the filters as needed. Then click the Save List button, enter a name for the list, such as Scheduled Appts w/Ins, and click OK. In the future when you need to generate this list, select your custom-named list from the Select List drop-down menu instead of selecting Appointments.

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