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What do you do if a patient tells you they have secondary insurance coverage after you have already sent out the primary claim or after you have already received payment from the primary insurance carrier? How do you create a claim for the secondary insurance when the Create Secondary option is grayed out and unavailable in the claim widow?

First, select the patient who has secondary insurance coverage in the Family File and assign them the secondary insurance.

Then open the Ledger for that patient and double-click their primary claim. Notice the Create Secondary option is grayed out and not available. In the Primary Dental Insurance Claim window, double-click the Subscriber Information block to open the Patient/Insurance Information dialog box. At the bottom, select Update Secondary Insurance and click OK.

Now the Create Secondary option in the Primary Dental Insurance Claim window is available. Click this option to create a secondary claim for the patient.

For additional information, see the Assigning Secondary Insurance to Subscribers with Dual Coverage and Creating Secondary Claims topics in Dentrix Help.