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If your office participates with insurance plans, and you’ve chosen to post your regular office fees to the Ledger instead of the contracted rates, you understand what a hassle it can be to figure out the portion covered by insurance for the procedures and how much you need to write off as an adjustment.

Dentrix G7.7 has fully implemented the Allowed Amounts feature in the Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage dialog box to make this situation much easier.

Watch the Dentrix G7.6 and G7.7 New Features webinar to learn more about this feature.

When you enter an Allowed Amount, or contracted fee, into the insurance plan’s payment table, Dentrix will base the estimated coverage percentage on that fee instead of what you post to the Ledger.

And if you turn on an option in the Ledger’s Insurance Payment Setup dialog box, Dentrix will also calculate the difference between the posted fee and allowed fee to create a write-off adjustment for you automatically when you post a payment on the claim!

When you participate with an insurance plan and choose to post your own fees to the patient’s Ledger, the Allowed Amounts feature helps you present the correct expected patient estimate, and calculate the write-off adjustment as you receive the payment. Be sure and read the article listed below for more detailed information about how to use Allowed Amounts.

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