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You work hard to attract new patients. How can you know if your efforts are working? Is your team recording the new patient’s referral source in Dentrix? Have they scheduled the patient’s next visit?

The New Patient Summary Report shows Referred By, ZIP code, and patient age information to help you understand how your advertising efforts are going. By looking at the Billing Type, Continuing Care Attached, and Ins columns, you can know how well your staff is doing at entering that information when they create the new patient’s account.

This report can also be generated to see how much treatment was planned, completed, and paid for by this patient. And most importantly, you’ll see if this new patient scheduled their next appointment!

Don’t forget the following options during setup:

A. Sub-total the report by the patient’s Referred By source, Provider, or ZIP Code to determine if your marketing efforts are working.

B. For a more visual look at the report information, be sure to click Include Charts. That way you can view graphical representations of the top referral sources and other financial information related to new patients.
C. Include or exclude patients by certain sources (or patients that are missing a referral source) to further zero in on specific information you may be looking for.

The New Patient Summary Report is a great way to ensure that your team is being efficient and effective in your new patient recruitment efforts.

For more information, read Dentrix Reports—A New View of Your Practice Information and watch our recorded webinar which features the new Dentrix G7.8 Reports module.