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Paperless forms are key to streamlining the patient experience; however, encouraging patients to complete their forms before the visit can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things that you can do to significantly improve form completion rates.

Tip 1: Send Multiple Reminders

Patients appreciate getting reminders. Consider sending at least three pre-visit reminders to help patients fill out their forms. This can lead to increased form completion and act as a gentle reminder to attend their upcoming appointment, potentially reducing no-shows and cancellations.

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Tip 2: Eliminate Unnecessary Questions

Resist the urge to pack your online forms with unnecessary questions. Long forms deter patients from completion and can create a negative patient experience. Prioritize and include only essential information for both the patient’s visit and your office’s needs.

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Tip 3: Simplify Your Language

Clear wording is key. Patients will complete forms faster when they can quickly and easily understand what is being asked. Ensure that your questions are easily understandable without needing online searches or help. You can use online tools to check the reading level; we recommend aiming for a 3rd-grade level to increase form skimmability.

Tip 4: Use Different Types of Reminders

Diversifying your reminders with text, email, and voicemail will increase your chances of reaching 100% of your patients. For text and email reminders, include URL links for easy access to the form.

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Tip 5: Use Sections, But No More Than 5

Simplifying your forms is key to increasing form completion rates. Think of each section in your form as a separate page – by adding sections you can ask more questions without overwhelming your patients with a long, scrolling form. Aim for 3-5 sections total to gather all necessary information.

Tip 6: Ask for Insurance Information

Adding an insurance question can make your form a bit longer, but it’s worth it because the time it will save your front-office staff. They’ll be able to check the insurance beforehand to prevent any delays and ensure that your office receives payments.

Tip 7: Require e-Signatures for Release and Consent Forms

Just as with tip 6, this makes your form longer, but saves time down the road. E-Signatures are both HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant, ensuring legal consent for upcoming treatment.

Bonus Tip: Use an In-office Kiosk

If your patients haven’t filled out their online form, avoid giving them a paper form! Instead, offer a tablet or computer in your waiting room. This shows them how easy it is and encourages future use on their smartphone.

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