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In a fast-paced environment like a dental office, it’s important for you to accomplish tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish some of the most common tasks in Dentrix? Using shortcuts saves you time and speeds up your daily routines, which helps you make your office more efficient.

Here’s a few keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Appointment Book.

  • Function Keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) = Switch between Appointment Book Views
  • Shift + F2 = Opens the Select Patient dialog box*
  • CTRL + D = Changes to the Day View
  • CTRL + W = Changes to the Week View
  • CTRL + U = Opens the Patient Picture (when a patient is selected)

*You can also use the F2 (without also pressing the Shift key) in the Family File, Ledger, Patient Chart, Perio Chart, and Document Center modules to open the Select Patient dialog box.