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Updated 4/12/2022

Did you know that you can reduce the number of mouse clicks it takes to chart treatment by using the Auto-State button?

The Auto-State button acts like the Caps Lock button on your keyboard by allowing you to chart procedures with the same treatment status repeatedly.

In the Dentrix Patient Chart, the Auto-State button looks like a light switch.

Before you begin charting treatment, click the Auto-State button to activate it. You’ll know it’s activated because the background of the button will turn light blue with a box around it. Then select the status for the kind of work (Existing Other, Existing, Treatment Plan, or Completed) you are charting. Now each procedure that you post will be charted with the status you selected until you either deactivate the Auto-State button, or until you select a different status.

No more clicking a tooth, clicking a status button, clicking another tooth, clicking the same status button again–over and over and over again.

For more information, see the Charting Using the Auto-State Button topic in Dentrix Help.