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When setting up new procedure codes, or when customizing those that already exist, one of the options you can select is that of Treatment Flags. In previous posts, we’ve talked about the Difficult Procedure option and the Condition option. In this post we’ll cover the remaining options: Remove Tooth and Show in Chart

First, access the Procedure Code Editor from the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Procedure Code Setup. Then, under the ADA-CDT Codes tab, select a Procedure Category and an individual procedure code and click Edit.

In the Treatment Flags section of the dialog box, you’ll see four options. The third and fourth options are Remove Tooth and Show in Chart. What happens when you make these selections?

By selecting Remove Tooth, whenever the selected procedure is posted complete, the tooth is removed from the Patient Chart. For certain procedure codes (such as extractions) and conditions (such as missing teeth), this option is selected by default.

When you select Show in Chart, the procedure code is listed under the corresponding category in the Patient Chart Procedure Codes panel, without having to fully expand the category by clicking <<More Codes>>.

This is especially helpful if the codes you use often aren’t displayed by default in the Procedure Codes panel. After you select Show in Chart, the code will always be visible for quick access when you’re charting.

For additional information, see the various topics under Procedure Code Setup in Dentrix Help.