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Updated 1/14/2019

Multi-codes are custom code sets that contain a group of procedures. By using multi-codes, you can save time when posting groups of procedures that you often post together, such as a prophy and exam or a crown and buildup.

Designed to save you time when charting, scheduling, and posting procedures by not having to post each procedure individually, several multi-codes come already installed with Dentrix. For example, the XXRCC multi-code contains individual procedure codes for a root canal and crown. Similarly, the XXWis multi-code contains the individual procedure codes needed to post the surgical extraction of all wisdom teeth.

In addition, some of the pre-installed multi-codes group a code with selected surfaces or quadrants. You can use the XXPeL multi-code to post quadrant scaling and root planing to both the lower left and right quadrants at the same time.

You may find that you need to create your own multi-codes, based on the types of procedures your office routinely completes. In the Multi-Code Editor in Dentrix, you can specify a description for the multi-code, set the amount of time required to complete the group of procedures the multi-code consists of, and which procedures (surfaces, quadrants, etc.) are part of the code.

Once created, the multi-code can then be selected from list of procedure code categories when creating an appointment in the Appointment Book,

when entering procedures from the Ledger,

or when entering procedures from the Patient Chart.

For specifics on how to create, edit, or delete a multi-code, or to see a complete list of the multi-codes installed with Dentrix, review the Multi-Code Setup topic in Dentrix Help.