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Updated 3/29/22

One of the most powerful tools in Dentrix is the Treatment Manager, because you can use it to generate a list of patients with unscheduled treatment. Since the list is interactive, you can work directly from the list to call patients, send email messages, generate quick letters and quick labels, make Office Journal notes, and access the Treatment Planner.

You can also set filters to find specific groups of patients you want to schedule for treatment. And with the temporary closure of dental offices due to COVID-19, you may want to concentrate on finding patients with treatment-planned procedures within a certain range, for example, those with four-surface restorations that you are worried could turn into crowns.

To access the Treatment Manager, from the Appointment Book click the Treatment Manager button.

In the Treatment Manager View dialog box, specify the filter criteria that makes sense to your practice.

For example, you can set filters to search for only active patients who have had treatment plans in the last year that include a specific set of procedures. You can also set filters to find patients with specific insurance plans and remaining benefits. Set the filters you want and click OK.

From the information on the list you generated, you can contact patients and access the Patient Chart and Treatment Planner to see additional information as needed.

For more information about using the Treatment Manager to contact patients to schedule treatment, and using Dentrix tools to do so, read the Act Now to Boost Year-End Profits and Finding Patients with Urgent Treatment Needs articles in Dentrix Magazine.