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Add More Detailed Descriptions or Explanations with Increased Character Limits in Dentrix

In the early days of Dentrix, memory and disk storage space were expensive and premium resources. Consequently, the number of characters you could use to describe fee schedule names, patient alerts, medical conditions, allergies, and medications was limited. Dentrix...

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Most Popular Blog Posts of 2022 – Part 1

Here at the Dentrix Blog, it’s been an ongoing tradition that the last two weeks of the year we do a recap of our most popular posts of the year. This year is no different!  Below is our countdown of the 20 most read tips from the year. This week we’ll...

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Consider a Dental Savings Plan for Uninsured Patients

Dental savings plans—also known as dental discount plans—are ideal for your uninsured patients who may not complete their treatment plan because of cost. At, you can reach new patients, retain existing patients, and reactivate dormant patients simply...

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Duplicating Procedure Codes for Alternate Treatment Options

When you present a treatment plan for a patient, you might often encounter situations where the patient has two options, but some shared procedures between the two alternatives must be part of both presentations. For example, while the patient could choose either an...

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