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Updated 9/27/2019

Dentrix makes it easy for the clinician to quickly and completely document exam findings and dental conditions in the Patient Chart.

If you want conditions to show on the Graphic Chart, you can chart them using condition codes. These codes function like all other procedure codes in Dentrix, allowing you to input a tooth, surface, or quadrant. However, condition codes do not show in the Ledger.

  1. From the Patient Chart, select a patient.
  2. In the Chart, click the tooth or teeth that you want to apply a condition to.
  3. From the Procedure Codes panel, click Conditions, and then from the list, click the condition(s) that apply.
  4. From the Procedure Codes toolbar, click the Post button.

Dentrix adds the condition to the Progress Notes panel and paints the tooth (as appropriate) in the Graphic Chart.

Bonus Tip

You can customize the chart colors to paint condition codes so that they stand out from your other charted procedures by clicking Setup > Chart Display Setup. Choose a color by clicking the Conditions/Diagnoses down arrow. Click OK to save your color changes.

For more information, read in Customizing Patient Chart Colors in Dentrix Help.