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Updated 1/14/2019

Many offices have a substantial amount of potential revenue sitting untouched in their patient treatment plans. The Treatment Manager helps you take advantage of that potential income by allowing you to quickly generate a list of patients with treatment planned procedures that meet certain criteria you set, and that you can contact and get back on your schedule.

You can access the Treatment Manager from the Options menu in the Appointment Book or from the toolbar of the Questionnaires, Treatment Planner, or Patient Chart modules.

One of the options you can show in the Treatment Manager list is Show Totals. By checking this box you will see a totals box that displays at the bottom of the Treatment Manager and shows corresponding totals for the columns you included in the list.

These columns with corresponding information seen in the Totals area can include:

  • TP Total – The total dollar amount of the treatment-planned procedures for the patient.
  • TP Ins Est – An estimate of the dollar amount the insurance carrier will pay toward the total treatment plan amount.
  • TP Pat Est – The total dollar amount the patient will owe on treatment-planned procedures after the insurance carrier pays.
  • # TP Proc – The number of procedures in the treatment plan.
  • Pri Rem – The estimated dollar amount the patient has remaining in annual primary insurance benefits.
  • Sec Rem – The estimated dollar amount the patient has remaining in annual secondary insurance benefits.

Seeing these totals makes it clear just how much potential income is sitting in treatment-planned procedures, and because it is subtotaled by patient within the list, you can decide how you want to concentrate your efforts to schedule those patients.

For more information on how to generate the Treatment Manager list, and options for information you can include in the list, see the Treatment Manager Overview topic in the Dentrix Help, and explore the various sub-topics listed there.