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Updated 9/27/2019

At times you may need to take a close look at a document that you have stored in the Document Center. For instance, you have recently begun storing copies of patients’ billing statements automatically in the Document Center, and a patient calls with a question about his statement. From the Document Center, you can pull up a copy of the same document he is looking at.

The problem is that when you pull up the patient in the Document Center and click on the item you want to look at, the preview of the image may not be large enough to see its details. You can close down the thumbnail pane, making the preview window a little bigger, but sometimes you still can’t see everything you need to see.

If the item you want to look at is a text file (such as a PDF), then you can click on the preview image and use CTRL and + (plus key) on your keyboard to zoom in on the document. CTRL and (dash key) will zoom out.

Additionally, if the document you want to look at is an image file (such as a JPG) then when you double-click the preview image it will enlarge to full screen. Click the image again to return to the preview image.

There are also options at the bottom of the preview screen including zoom in/out options and a drop-down list of viewing options.