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Updated 4/29/2019

When patients have extensive treatment history, it can be difficult to find treatment details or notes about a specific tooth or teeth. You can use the View by Selected Teeth option in the Patient Chart to find the history of a specific tooth or group of teeth.

To view by selected teeth:

  1. Select the appropriate patient in the Patient Chart.
  2. Select the tooth or teeth you want to view information about.
  3. Click View > Progress Notes > By Selected Teeth. Only the treatment for the selected tooth or teeth is displayed in the Progress Notes.

You can also view the Progress Notes by:

  • Specific date by clicking View > Progress Notes > By Date and selecting the date range you want to view.
  • Specific provider or group of providers by clicking View > Progress Notes > By Provider and selecting a provider or providers.

To view the Progress Notes for all teeth once you have viewed them by a selected tooth, date, or provider, click View > Progress Notes > View All.

For more information, read the Filtering the Progress Notes Panel topic in Dentrix Help.