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Updated 6/25/2019

Using Dentrix clinical note templates helps you be both through and efficient in three different ways. First, it saves you from typing out the same note several times a day for different patients. Second, it ensures that all of the clinical notes in your practice are consistent and contain the same details, regardless of who wrote the note. And finally, it speeds up the process of writing notes because you can just enter the information you are prompted to enter.

To enter a clinical note using a pre-defined template:

  1. With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, click the Clinical Notes tab in the Progress Notes panel to open the Clinical Notes panel.
  2. Click the New Clinical Note button. A new clinical note is created with the current date and time.
  3. Clinical note templates are grouped by category in a list on the right side of the Clinical Notes panel. Click the plus (+) symbol to expand the section that contains the template you want to use.
  4. Double-click the template you want to use. Note Template dialog box(es) will appear with prompts to help you create the clinical note.
    Note: Depending on how the clinical note template you are using was set up, there may be multiple prompt dialog boxes that appear that walk you through the creation of the clinical note.
  5. Supply the requested information in each of the prompts that appear. When you have entered all the information, the clinical note will appear in the clinical note text field.
  6. Click the Save Clinical Note button to save the note.
    Note: Saving the clinical note does not lock the note or prevent it from being edited. You can edit clinical notes until they are locked when either the month is closed or the clinical note has been signed.

Additional Information

Dentrix comes with over 70 clinical note templates to help you connect the most common procedures, appointment types, and reasons for notation. For a list of the clinical note templates and prompts found in Dentrix, read the Default Clinical Note Templates topic in Dentrix Help.

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