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Updated 9/5/2019

Most of the charges listed on a patient’s account are posted using procedure codes. In many cases, the procedures will have been posted and set complete from the Patient Chart or the Appointment Book. However, you may need to post procedures directly from the Ledger sometimes.

When posting procedures from the Ledger, you still can select individual procedures or multi-codes, assign providers to procedures, select tooth numbers and surfaces (if applicable), and note whether the procedure(s) were completed or treatment-planned.

As you may know, multi-codes are custom code sets that contain a group of procedure codes. Using multi-codes can save you time when posting groups of procedures that are often completed together, like a prophy and exam or a crown and build-up.

Consider this example:
Bob Jones was seen today for a new patient appointment, which includes a comprehensive exam, prophy, fluoride, four bitewings, and six PAs. DDS1 performed the exam, and the rest of the procedures were completed by HYG2. You want to use the NewPt multi-code to post all of these procedures at once.

To post a procedure using a multi-code:

  1. In the Ledger, select the patient and from the menu bar select Transaction > Enter Procedure.
  2. In the Enter Procedure(s) dialog box, perform the following tasks:

    1. Make sure the correct date is entered in the Date field if the procedure was not completed or treatment planned today.
    2. Select a multi-code from the Multi-Codes list and click the Add button. The selected procedures are moved to the Procedure List.
    3. In the Provider field, click the search button to open the Select Provider¬†dialog box. Select the provider who performed the majority¬†of the procedures within the multi-code, and click OK. (Doing so will make it quicker to change applicable procedure provider in step “d” below).
    4. If a different provider performed a procedure(s) (other than the provider in step c), select that provider’s procedure and click the Change button. Then, select the other provider, as detailed in step c, and click OK. Repeat for any other procedure(s) in the list.
  3. Click OK/Post to post the procedures to the Ledger.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you are not familiar with individual procedure codes, when you highlight a procedure in the Procedure List, the Procedure field and the Procedure Description field display so you can verify you have selected the appropriate procedure.
  • For procedures within the multi-code that require tooth and/or surface information, first select the multi-code (see step 4 above). Then highlight the procedure code that requires additional information. Applicable fields appear within the dialog box in which you can enter additional tooth/surface information. Enter the additional information and then click Change (see step 7 above) to apply the changes.

For additional information, see the Save Time with Multi-codes article in Dentrix Magazine and read Posting Procedures Using Multi-Codes in Dentrix Help.