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Updated 9/13/2019

An often overlooked feature in Dentrix is the Time Clock. This feature enables office employees to punch in and out for their shifts and provides reports containing information on hours worked and wages earned.

Each employee needs to be set up in the Time Clock individually, including entering their regular and overtime pay.

To set up the Time Clock for employees:

  1. Right-click the Dentrix Quick Launch icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.

    Note: If you can’t see the Dentrix Quick Launch icon, go to the Office Manager and click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Preferences. In the Preferences dialog box General Options tab, make sure Start Quick Launch on System Startup is checked.
  2. From the menu, click Time Clock > Time Clock Setup.

    Note: If Dentrix passwords are enabled, users must have password rights to “Time Clock, Setup” to access this dialog box.
  3. In the Time Clock Setup dialog box, perform the following tasks:

    1. Search for and select the employee you want to set up.
    2. Under Auto Punch Out Settings group box, do one of the following:
      • Do Not Use Auto Punch Out – Select to require the employee to punch out each day. If the employee forgets to punch out, all hours will be included.
      • Auto Punch Out Time – Select a time when Dentrix will automatically clock out for the employee (for example, 5:00 p.m.). Use the up and down arrows to set the appropriate time, or type a time in the field provided.
    3. If needed, check the Include Employee on Time Punch/Payroll Reports option.
    4. Under General Settings, select whether to use a 12- or 24-hour time clock and whether time should be recorded as hours and minutes (for example, 6:45) or decimal hours (for example, 6.75).
    5. In the Regular Pay group box, do one of the following:
      • Salary (Annual) – Select if you pay the employee a salary or annual amount. Type the annual amount in the Annual Pay Rate field.
      • Hourly – Select if you pay the employee by the hour. Type the hourly rate in the Hourly Pay Rate field.
    6. In the Overtime Pay group box, do one of the following:
      • Do Not Calculate Overtime – Select if you do not want Dentrix to calculate overtime hours and wages automatically.
      • % of Pay Rate – Select and type the percentage you want Dentrix to automatically calculate for overtime hours and wages. For example, if the employee is to be paid “time and a half” for overtime, enter 150%. (The % of Pay Rate must be between 100 and 1000, and the valid workweek value must be between 0 adn 168). When you select this option, you must also select how overtime is defined:
        • Work Week Hours – Select this option and enter the number of hours in the workweek — usually 40 hours. Anything over the hours entered would be considered overtime.
        • Work Day Hours – Select this option and enter the number of workdays in the week — typically five days. Anything over the days entered would be considered overtime.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and exit.

For additional information, see the Setting up Time Clock and Setting up Employee Clock In/Out topics in Dentrix Help.