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Updated 9/18/2019

Many doctors and hygienists like to review their past clinical notes about a patient at the beginning of an appointment. That way they can see any notes they made about the patient’s health or treatment in the past. To read these notes, you can open a list that displays them all at once, so the provider can review them the same way they would in a paper chart.

To view all clinical notes at once:

  1. Select the appropriate patient in the Patient Chart.
  2. Click the Progress Notes tab to open the Progress Notes panel.
  3. On the Progress Notes toolbar, select the Clinical Notes and Expand Notes view options. All of the patient’s clinical notes will be displayed within the Progress Notes list with the notes expanded so you can see the text of each note.
  4. If desired, deselect any other view options that are selected so that the only things displayed in the list are the expanded clinical notes.

Additional Information:

  • You can sort the columns of information by clicking the column’s header. For example, if you want to see a specific provider’s notes, you can click the Provider column heading and then scroll to the beginning of that provider’s notes.
  • You can expand the Progress Notes panel to be taller so it’s easier to read several notes at a time. To expand the panel, hover over the top edge of the panel until your cursor changes to an expanding arrow. Then click and drag the panel to the desired height. When you are done reading the notes, you can resize the panel back to its original height so you can focus on the tooth chart.

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