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Updated 10/3/2019

It’s no big secret that a dental practice’s success hinges on its ability to diagnose, schedule, and complete treatment. With that in mind, it’s essential to dig deep and discover how many of the procedures your treatment plan are actually being completed. Generating a Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis Report is a great place to start.

To generate the reports:

  1. In the Office Manager select Reports > Management > Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis.
  2. There are four different analysis reports you can generate. Under Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis Reports choose from the following options by checking the corresponding box(es):
    Note: You can check more than one box to generate multiple reports at once. Each report checked appears as a single line item in the Batch Processor. Also, the report option(s) you check determine whether other filtering choices are available within the dialog box.

    • Tx Planned – This report option provides an overview of treatment plans by provider, procedure, or procedure category. Additionally, you can select to include All Procedures, Only Unscheduled Procedures or Only Unscheduled Procedures for Appts Dated (entering procedure dates in the From and To fields for this option).
    • Completed Procedures – This report option displays the number and value of treatment completed during a selected date range.
    • Comparison for Completed Procedures – The report option allows you to compare the total number of treatment plans vs. the number of completed treatment plans.
    • Treatment Plan Summary – This report option provides you with an accurate picture of how much potential revenue there is in uncompleted treatment plans.
  3. Based on the type of report you select, enter filters choices under Treatment Plan Date Range, Completed Procedure Date Range, Procedure Code Range, Select Billing Type, and Select Provider(s) within this window.
  4. Under Report Format, select a report format from the following:
    • By Provider – Lists only the combined procedure information for each provider selected.
    • By Procedure – Lists all applicable procedures with information for each.
    • By Category – Lists all applicable procedure categories with the combined procedure information for all procedures within each category.
  5. If you do NOT want any procedures with a zero amount to be included in the report, check Skip Procedures with $0.00 Amounts.
  6. To save your settings for the next time you generate the report, check Save as Default.
  7. Click OK to send the report(s) to the Batch Processor.

For additional information about interpreting these reports once they are printed, visit the Dentrix Resource Center and click Documentation link along the top of the page, look for the Reports Reference link for your software version. Open the Reports Reference PDF, and search for the following topics:

  • Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis: Tx Planned Report
  • Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis: Completed Procedures
  • Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis: Comparison for Completed Procedures
  • Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis: Treatment Plan Summary