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Updated 10/3/2019

Dentrix uses a letter merge process to create form letters and cards. Your Dentrix software comes with over 30 pre-written documents that contain text and merge data fields. The text is the “form” part of the letter that is the same for each patient in every practice. In contrast, merge data fields are placeholders in the letter or card that tell Microsoft Word where to insert information that is specific to your practice and your patients. For example, in a continuing care appointment reminder card, a merge data field is used as a placeholder for the patient’s last appointment date. When the letter merge is completed, the merged letter will have replaced the placeholder with the patient’s actual, unique appointment date.

You can easily create postcard reminders for patients who are due for continuing care, but do not have an appointment scheduled.

To create continuing care reminder postcards for patient without an appointment:

  1. From the Office Manager menu bar select Letters & Custom Lists, and click the Continuing Care category button.
  2. From the Select Letter or Custom List options, select the Cont. Care Cards – No Appt letter option and click Edit to set your filters.
  3. Click the Continuing Care search button.
  4. In the Due Date group box, enter the starting and ending dates for the range in the From and To fields.
  5. In the Continuing Care Type group box, select the type(s) you want to include.
  6. In the Include group box, select the appropriate option.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Set other filters as needed and click OK.
  9. To add a notation in the Office Journal for each patient to whom a letter was sent, check Add to Journal when creating letters.
  10. Click Create Letters to generate the postcards in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word opens and displays the text of your merged postcards based on the letter template and merge field defaults associated with it.
  11. To print the postcards, from the Microsoft Word menu bar, select File > Print.
  12. Make any changes needed to the print information, prepare your printer, and then click OK to print the postcards.
  13. To close Microsoft Word, from the menu bar select File > Close. A message box appears and asks if you want to save the changes.
  14. Click No.

You can merge other types of postcards and letters using other Dentrix templates. For additional information see the various topics found in Dentrix Help under Creating Patient Letters.