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Cross-Referencing Insurance Coverage Limitations with a Patient’s Continuing Care Visits

Darla, your hygienist, has just finished with her 10 am patient, LeAnn, who was in for her scheduled cleaning. Darla pulls up the Appointment Book on her operatory computer and says to LeAnn, “We can go ahead and schedule your next cleaning right now, if you’d like.”...

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Sending Modified Recare Due Reminders with Patient Engage When Your Practice Reopens

After your office has been closed for an extended period of time, how can you catch up on rescheduling those patients who missed out on their regular cleanings? One strategy is to let your automated recall system through Patient Engage invite them back. To make this...

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Playing Favorites: When the Patient Prefers a Certain Provider

Have you ever come across this situation in your practice before? You have patient that has a favorite hygienist. And they really, REALLY, REALLY only want to be scheduled to see this specific hygienist and nobody else. How can you make a note of this in Dentrix?...

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