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Updated 10/8/2019

When you have been using Dentrix for several years, you can build up lots of customizations that were useful to you at one time, but may not be any more. Often, this means you have a long list of items that you are no longer using, such as custom multi-codes that you do not use or no longer want your staff to use.

You can inactivate the old codes to clear them from the procedure code list, which means you won’t have to look through as many codes to find the ones you need, and you’ll prevent staff members from using the wrong multi-code.

How To

  1. In the Office Manager, select Maintenance > Practice Setup > Multi-Code Setup.
  2. Select the multi-code you want to disable, and click Edit.
  3. Check the Disable this Multi-Code box, and click OK.

Additional Information

  • When a multi-code is disabled it no longer appears in the Procedure Code List in the Procedure Codes dialog box in the Appointment Book, or in the Multi-Codes List in the Enter Procedure(s) dialog box in the Ledger.
  • When you disable a multi-code, you do not lose it. Disabled multi-codes are still listed in the Multi-Code Setup dialog box, but they are marked with an asterisk.
  • You can enable a disabled multi-code at any time by following the steps above and unchecking the Disable this Multi-Code box.
  • For more information see the Multi-Code Setup topic in Dentrix Help, or read Saving Time with Multi-Codes in Dentrix Magazine.