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Updated 10/8/2019

When you’re scheduling or posting multiple procedures that are often completed together, multi-codes help you schedule or post them all at once. However, each multi-code can only include eight procedures, so what do you do when you want to create a multi-code that contains more procedures than that? The answer is simple: add a multi-code within a multi-code.

Let’s say you want to create a multi-code that contains the procedures your office completes for a new patient appointment (a comprehensive evaluation, 4 bitewings, 6 PAs, a prophy, and topical fluoride). Here’s how to do it.

First create a multi-code for the 6 PAs and save it in Dentrix. Then, create a second multi-code. Add the evaluation, bitewings, prophy, and fluoride procedures, and then add the PAs multi-code. Since the PAs multi-code counts as a single procedure, you are within the eight-procedure maximum and still have all the procedures for the appointment.

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