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Did you know you can easily change the date range you are viewing in the Continuing Care module without creating a new or temporary continuing care view?

For example, you know that October to December are generally slow times for hygiene appointments in your practice, and you want find the patients who are due for continuing care during that time so you can get them scheduled. You can generate that list using your default Next 3 Months view by changing the start date of the view to October.

So rather than seeing the next three months based on today’s date (which would show patients due for continuing care in May-July), you will see patients due in the next three months starting in October.

Here’s how:

  1. From the Continuing Care module, click Views > Next 3 Months. The list will load showing results based on the current date.
  2. Click File > Date Setup, and use the arrows to navigate to the desired start you want the view to start with, and click OK.

Additional Tips

  • Beneath the menu bar in the Continuing Care module, Dentrix displays the name of the loaded view on the right, and the date range on the left.
  • You can easily reset the view start date back to the current day by closing the Continuing Care module and reopening it.