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Updated 10/9/2019

When you see patients for periodontal maintenance, it can be helpful to show them a comparison of today’s exam versus their previous one, particularly if there are important changes or improvements you want them to be aware of.

In the Dentrix Perio Chart, you can easily compare the results of up to five periodontal exams at once.

How To

  1. In the Perio module, click View > Exam Comparison. Then check the exams you want to compare and click OK.
  2. Click the Show Options button to select the information you want to compare on the exam.
  3. In the Compare/View group box, select the data or graphical information you want to compare.
  4. Click Close to return to the Perio module.

Additional Tips

  • If you choose to view a graphic comparison, such as gingival margin or clinical attachment level, additional display options are available. Check the option(s) you want to see in the graphic chart.
  • You can only view the graphical data for one exam at a time. Select the date of each exam you want to compare using theĀ Display Options For drop-down list. Select another date to toggle between the exams.
  • See the Exam Comparison Overview topic in Dentrix Help for more details.