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When a patient needs extensive treatment but can’t afford to complete it all at once, it makes sense to break the treatment out into several visits. It makes it easier for the patient to plan for the expense and to spread the cost out over time.

If you’ve worked with a patient to complete their treatment in stages like this, it’s important to present that information to the patient with clear information about which procedures will be included in each visit and what the estimated total for each visit will be. You accomplish this with one click by printing subtotals by visit on the Treatment Case Report.

To print subtotals by visit on the Treatment Case Report:

  1. Arrange the patient’s treatment into separate visits as needed.
  2. Select the case you want to print, click the Print button, and then select Print Treatment Case.
  3. In the Case Procedure Options group box, enter the number of visits you want to include on the printout. (If you want to include all the visits, clear out any number in that field and Dentrix will include all visits.)
  4. Check the Print Subtotals by Visit option to print a subtotal of the price estimates for each visit. Set the other report options as desired and click OK.

For more tips about making treatment case printouts easier for patients to understand, see the Dentrix Magazine article titled, Give Patients the Info They Need to Say Yes.