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Do you find yourself having to search through a long list of treatment to find the right procedures when you schedule treatment-planned work? When you schedule a patient for their treatment, are you unsure of which procedures to schedule and in which order to schedule them? It doesn’t have to be that hard!

If the clinicians in the back office are using the Treatment Planner to organize treatment into cases and assigning visits, then the cases will be grouped that way in the Appointment Book and it will be easy to see exactly what to schedule and when.

For the Clinicians:

When you create a treatment plan case for a patient, group treatment into cases and assign procedures to visits to make it easier for the schedule coordinator to schedule appointments for the correct procedures in the correct order.

For the Scheduling Coordinators:

When scheduling a patient appointment, click the Tx button in the Appointment Information window to bring up a list of all treatment plans for the patient.

Procedures are grouped in the list by the treatment plan case name and listed by visit number.

Highlight the procedure(s) in the list for the appointment you want to schedule, and click Close. Then continue scheduling the appointment as usual.

Additional Tips

  • When there are treatment options, only the recommended or accepted treatment cases appear in the list.
  • When no visit number has been assigned, a question mark (?) appears under the Visit column.
  • Procedures with scheduled appointments have an “s” listed before the visit number, and the date of the scheduled appointment listed in the Scheduled column.

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