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Often, there is more than one solution to a patient’s dental treatment. Of course, some solutions are more appropriate than others. You may feel obligated to present the patient with all options, and guide them to the right one. The Dentrix Treatment Planner allows you to do just that, by creating and linking multiple treatment cases from which your patient can choose the best solution for them.

Let’s walk through a very simple example, where the patient needs just one filling on tooth number 3; however, she wants to know the difference between a “silver” and a “white” filling and what each will cost her.

In the Patient Chart, take the normal steps to treatment plan both possible options. When you look in the Treatment Planner panel, the two procedures are together in the same treatment case. And, at least for now, Dentrix estimates the cost and insurance benefits as if you intend to complete both of them.

To give your patient two options, separate the treatment into two different cases. Click New Case, and give the case folder a meaningful name, such as “Silver Filling 3”. Remember that the case name appears on printouts that a patient might see, so make the case name patient-friendly.

Select the appropriate procedure for the case and drag-and-drop it to the new folder.

Click New Case again, and name this case “White Filling 3”. Select the appropriate procedure for this case and drag-and-drop it to the new treatment case folder.

Now with one of these two cases selected, click Link Alternate Cases.

Then, check the case that presents the alternative option to it. (Note: This example was simple, but know that as you build more complicated plans, you can link up to 4 plans together this way.)

Review the Recommended Case drop-down menu and select the case you prefer to go forward with — and don’t worry, you can change the recommended case later if needed.

Notice how the linked cases now include a chain-link icon, and that the recommended case has a gold star.

You can now select these cases separately, to present them to your patient on the computer screen or to print copies of each plan.

Changing the Recommended Case

Choosing one of the linked cases as the Recommended Case is a big deal, as it’s the treatment case that Dentrix assumes you will complete. Choose carefully, because the procedures in the non-recommended case will NOT be visible in the Chart’s progress notes, the Ledger’s Treatment Plan View, or the Appointment Book’s TX reasons.

You can change the recommended case at any time. To do so, select the case, click the Link Alternate Cases menu and choose Set as Recommended Case. The procedures in this case will become visible everywhere in Dentrix, while the other linked case will only available to view as a reference in the Treatment Planner, which can acts as a record that you presented the patient with all of the options.

For additional information, see the Creating Treatment Plan Options for your Patients article in Dentrix Magazine.