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Have you ever come across this situation in your practice before?

You have patient that has a favorite hygienist. And they really, REALLY, REALLY only want to be scheduled to see this specific hygienist and nobody else. How can you make a note of this in Dentrix?

First, you can document it in the Family File. Select the patient and double-click the Patient Information block. In the Office group box, select Prov2, and select the ID of the preferred hygienist.

But, maybe you want the reminder to be more obvious. If so, you can create a Patient Alert pop-up message that will appear when working with your patient’s future appointments.

First, open Patient Alerts, and check theĀ Always, andĀ Show Symbol on Appointment options. Enter a short description and a note. Then from the right, where you select areas for the alert to appear, keep it simple. Select Create New Appointment and Edit Existing Appointment.

And last but not least, you can edit your patient’s continuing care settings so that cleaning appointments will default to the selected hygiene provider. In the Family File, double-click the Continuing Care block. Select the appropriate continuing care type (Perio or Prophy) and click Edit. In the Provider group box, choose Spec (which stands for specific) and select the preferred hygienist. Click OK to save and now, when making an appointment for your patient in the future, and you add a procedure attached to that continuing care type, the appointment provider will automatically change to the preferred hygienist.

Follow these tips and you patients can be scheduled with their favorite hygienist, and your scheduling process can be just a little bit smoother.

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