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There’s an old joke that goes, “How do you chart a tooth with a pocket depth greater than 9mm? As an extraction!”

But seriously, you’ll want to document the perio measurement properly before you recommend treatment. So how do you do it in Dentrix?

Normally, when you enter probing depths in the Perio module, whenever you type a number, Dentrix advances to the next tooth position. If there are two digits, how can you keep Dentrix at the same site after you enter the 1?

If you are using your keyboard, press the key instead of typing a 1 as the first digit of your two-digit measurement, followed by the number of the second digit. For example, for a measurement of 12mm, you would type /2.

If you would rather use your mouse and click numbers on the data panel within the Perio module, click the 1_ button, then click the number of the second digit. So for a 12mm measurement, you’d click 1_ then 2.

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