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When you open the Dentrix Perio Chart, the patient’s last saved exam information is shown in light-colored text. This option was included as a convenience so that you can use this saved exam as a starting point for a new exam by only changing the measurements and data that is different from the last visit.

However, some examiners find it confusing to type over the old information with new measurements and would prefer to start with a clean slate. If this is your preferred way to record a perio exam, here is an easy way to sweep the screen clean and conduct the exam without displaying the previous exam measurements.

Type the number “1” in the first site.

Click Save (or press CTRL+S on the keyboard). When prompted, choose to save New Entries.

The exam is saved, and previous entries are cleared. Press the Undo button (or press CTRL+Z on the keyboard). You now have a fresh start. Conduct the perio exam as normal.

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