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Like a doctor needs a stethoscope, a dental practice needs imaging. Dental images are an essential part of diagnosing and presenting necessary treatment.

Fortunately, the Dentrix Imaging Center gives you a variety of tools to help! Within the Dentrix Imaging Center, after selecting an image, click the Tools tab.

Here you can use the five toolbar buttons as you work with dental images in different ways:

  • One Click Tools make changes to the entire image, including Enhancement, Rotate, Flip, Invert, Colorize, and Emboss.
  • Annotations allows you to draw lines, arrows, circles, or boxes on the image. You can choose to show or hide the annotations, or completely clear them.
  • Measurements gives you the ability to draw a line on the image and determine distances within the picture.
  • Density lets you select an area of the image and displays a graph of the grey level for that area.
  • Spotlight allows you to zero in on a part of the image by zooming in, colorizing, sharpening, or changing the contrast (as seen in the image above).

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