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Have you ever found yourself ready to start a perio exam, but there wasn’t an assistant available to record the probing depths in Dentrix for you? If only there was a way to record perio exam information verbally yourself, without having to wait for someone to enter it manually! Well, now you can, with Dentrix Voice Perio!

Dentrix Voice Perio is an electronic computer assistant that enters the perio exam data into a patient’s Perio Chart as you speak the data out loud. Then, through a smart-script selection process, it knows where you want the measurements to be placed. And, it’s available anytime — without having to wait for an assistant to finish up with another patient.

Once you get to know Dentrix Voice Perio’s abilities to listen and respond to specific commands, entering exam data should be quicker and more efficient than it’s ever been before. In today’s tip, let’s look at the basic functions of the Dentrix Voice Perio microphone icon.

The microphone icon has three primary functions and associated colors.

  • Go – When the icon pulses blue, Dentrix Voice Perio is ready to begin. Click the microphone icon, and the Voice Perio program starts.
  • Pause – When the icon turns orange, Dentrix Voice Perio pauses until a required action is taken. For example, when you begin a new pocket-depth exam, Dentrix Voice Perio may ask you to “Please select the distal of the first available tooth” in the patient’s Perio Chart.  Once the action is performed, the icon changes to red.
  • Record – When the icon pulses red, the program is listening and ready to record your commands, measurements, and conditions. As you speak, the information is entered directly into the patient’s Perio Chart.

Bonus Tips

  • A headset with a microphone, or a lapel mic, is recommended to help eliminate background noise as you speak.
  • To ensure that your mic is connected to your workstation and working properly, open Windows > Settings > System > Sound. Then, make sure that your mic is selected on the Input tab, and test the mic as needed.

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