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Do you find yourself creating the same reports often? For example, every day you run Day Sheet Reports; every week an Insurance Aging Report; every month the Practice Analysis Report – and every time you always choose the same options. You might even generate more than one of those reports at a time to drill down to specific data, such as a running a Day Sheet Report for patients with specific billing types, an Insurance Aging Report for a certain group of insurance plans, or a Practice Analysis Report broken down for each primary provider in your practice. It is a lot of repetitive clicking when you’re choosing the same settings each time.

Have you considered letting the Dentrix Task Scheduler handle that work for you? It includes many reports that you can set to run once and then let them repeat themselves on a schedule! And in Dentrix G7.5, it’s better than ever!

Open the Task Scheduler from the Maintenance menu of Office Manager. Then scroll through or search the Available Tasks column and select a report. Select a report or task and click Add to assign it to a queue and then set up the report’s options. Then continue to schedule that report as many times as you need using different settings for each scheduled task (different providers, different billing types, etc.).

For example, you may want to generate a monthly Practice Analysis Report for each individual provider in the practice.

  1. Select the Practice Analysis Reports from the Available Tasks column and click Add.
  2. Select the Monthly queue, enter the applicable settings for the first provider in the Practice Analysis Reports dialog box, and click OK.

Repeat step one, and in step two, enter the applicable settings for a different provider. When the scheduled monthly queue runs, every occurrence of the report will appear in the Batch Processor, ready for you to preview or print.

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