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Communicating with patients, marketing your practice, and keeping on top of patient forms is a lot to manage. However, Patient Engage makes it easy to stay on top of it all! Here are some best practices that can help you manage your patient experience.

Be sure to check out the on-demand webinar titled, “How to Get Started With Patient Engage Online Booking.” Click here to view.

1. Instead of going to Patient Engage online, use Patient Engage Live.

Patient Engage Live is an application on your office desktop. Instead of logging on to the Dentrix Hub all day long, you can access critical patient communication tasks through the desktop app. You receive real-time notifications when a patient texts or requests an appointment, and you can respond directly by clicking on the notification.

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2. Search patient details before contacting them after hours.

Imagine that you need to follow up with a patient after hours. Maybe you need to check in after their procedure to make sure they’re doing okay; you can use the Patient Engage Mobile app to access patient details and contact them directly via text or email. The app is also helpful if you need to step away from your desk throughout the day and would like to stay on top of incoming texts and appointment requests.

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3. Customize online booking by patient type, procedure type, and providers.

Did you know that 94 percent of patients say they would choose a new provider if that provider offered online booking?

With Online Booking in Patient Engage, you have control over the times, appointment types, and providers available for appointments. Imagine that you want to implement online booking in your office gradually. For example, you may choose to start with one provider, offering one or two treatment types, and only at certain times of the week. You can customize all of that and more in the Booking Settings in Patient Engage.

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4. Plan your year with customized “set it and forget it” email campaigns.

Dental offices are busy, and it can be challenging to stay on top of your email outreach. With Patient Engage, you can schedule your communication for each quarter, or even the entire year, in advance. You can tailor each email message to the correct patient type by segmenting the audience. We recommend a best practice of sending an email campaign once every 4-6 weeks, alternating between promotions and newsletters to keep content fresh.

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  • View the on-demand webinar titled, “How to Get Started With Patient Engage Online Booking.” Click here to view.
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