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When you close the month in Dentrix, certain tasks and reports are generated that finalize the previous month and set you on the right foot for a new month.

There are four basic tasks are recommended to be completed whenever you close the month. In Dentrix G7.5, you can complete all four of these tasks at once from the new Month End menu option in the Ledger.

  • Close Transactions – completing this task prevents further editing of procedures, payments, and adjustments by moving them to a “History” status. It also updates the aged balance of the account (30-, 60-, and 90-days).
  • Move Clinical Notes to History – completing this task locks down unsigned clinical notes so that they can no longer be edited.
  • Move Perio Exams to History – completing this task locks down periodontal exam information so it can no longer be edited.
  • Reset Insurance Benefits – completing this task restarts benefits used and deductibles met for insurance plans that should begin again with the new renewal month.

You can assign these tasks (and more) to run automatically using the Dentrix Reports and Task Scheduler.

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