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With a new year in sight, that means a few chores for every business owner. For example, there are taxes to file, insurance fees to update… and in the case of dental practices, year-end functions to run in Dentrix.

Closing the last month of your fiscal year is all you need to do to close the year. But before you begin processing month-end/year-end, consider these important tips:

  • Close Other Dentrix Windows – In the oldest versions of Dentrix, you had to shut down Dentrix before starting the month-end processes. In newer versions, shutdown may not be required anymore, but it’s still a good idea to keep extra or unnecessary Dentrix windows closed. So even though tasks now run automatically, close out Dentrix windows before you leave for the night.
  • Backup the Database – The month-end closing tasks can affect a significant portion of patient information spread throughout the Ledger, Chart, and Family File. We highly recommend that you create a backup copy of your database before running the month-end processes. If you’re unsure how to back up your database, Henry Schein One’s TechCentral team can help you!
  • Wait Until the First of the Month – Before you can close a month, you must wait until the first day of the new month. There may be times when it would be nice to close the month early, such as if your office shuts down for the year’s final week, but it is just not possible to proceed until the first day of January.

What are the actual steps to take to close a month (or year)? Those can be a little different depending on which version of Dentrix you are running. We’ve got them all outlined for you here: What you Need to Know to Close the Year in Dentrix.

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