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In your dental practice, there are certain reports you should generate and tasks that you should complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. With the Reports and Tasks Scheduler, you can set certain tasks and reports to run automatically based on a schedule you devise. Best of all, you don’t have to close Dentrix for this to happen.

As you prepare for the end of the year and are making plans for the coming year, take the time now to determine which reports you want to generate and how often you want to generate them.

First, create or edit a queue for tasks and reports you want to run on a scheduled basis. Open the Reports and Tasks Scheduler from either the Ledger (click Task Scheduler on the menu toolbar) or from the Office Manager by selecting Maintenance > Task Scheduler (Month End).

On the right side of the window there are several default queues including Daily, Monthly, and Yearly queues. Click Edit for each queue to set the recurrence frequency, and then click OK. If needed, scroll to the bottom of the queue list and click Create New Queue.

Then, review the list of Available Tasks. Right-click a task and select either Run Now (if you want to complete a task or generate a report a single time) or Add to Queue.

Enter the settings for the task, and then click OK. The task is either added to a queue and will generate according to the queue’s frequency settings or will generate immediately and appear in the Batch Processor.

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