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You know the feeling… the procedure code you are thinking of is just on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite recall what it is! Perhaps it is a code for a service that you don’t perform very often. Or maybe you are having a bad day and just not remembering that routine procedure code number. Fortunately, Dentrix offers a helpful search feature to assist you in locating that elusive code!

Searching in the Patient Chart

In the Patient Chart, try typing in the search box found at the top of the Procedure Code panel. You can enter any part of the procedure code number or code description to reveal a list of matching procedure codes. The search function in the Patient Chart will search through all procedure categories to find matching results.

Searching in the Ledger and Appointment Book

Searching for procedure codes is also available when you select a procedure code in the Appointment Book or Ledger. When searching in either of these locations, Dentrix will only look within the selected procedure code category. To look for your code among all of the places that it could be hiding, select the Category “All Codes.” For a more focused search, select a single category.

Searching in Procedure Code Setup

A similar search option is also available in Procedure Code Setup (in the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Procedure Code Setup). Here, it is important to select a procedure code category (or “All Codes”) before beginning your search.

Instead of becoming lost and frustrated when you can’t recall the necessary code information, Dentrix’s Procedure Code Search option makes it easy to locate the right code within the Patient Chart, Ledger, Appointment Book, and Office Manager. Enter what you can remember of the procedure code, description, or abbreviated description and receive assistance with your need.

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