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The American Dental Association (ADA) is authorized as the national standard keeper of the codes that define all dental procedures. Your office uses these codes every day for proper record keeping and communication with insurance carriers, laboratories, referrals sources, and more. The ADA updates these codes annually.

Henry Schein One maintains a licensing agreement with the ADA that allows us to bring those changes to your practice management system as a software update. As part of an active customer service plan, we are happy to provide this service to you so that your office can transition to using these resources in the new year without interruption to your workflow.

To learn more about the changes to the ADA codes, visit the ADA website.

Automatically Updating the CDT Codes

If you currently have an active Dentrix Customer Service Plan, and use Dentrix G7.3 or newer, we’ve made the process to update CDT Codes as easy as possible. When the CDT update is available, Dentrix will automatically download and install the new codes. After this happens, you’ll see a message notifying you that Dentrix has installed the CDT update.

This window gives you three options:

  • Click Review Code Changes to review or make changes to your procedure codes based on the new CDT updates.
  • Click Review Later to close the message and continue working in Dentrix. If you choose to review the codes later, you will continue to see the CDT update message each time you open Dentrix.
  • Select Do Not Show Again, then click Review Later and you won’t be bothered again by this message–at least not until next year!

If later you decide you want to review the code changes, you can access them in Procedure Code Setup in the Office Manager module.

Manually Updating the CDT Codes

If you do not have an active customer service plan, you can still add codes manually into Dentrix. Contact the ADA for the coding information, then reference the help articles listed below for the steps to add them.

Learn More

Read about Procedure Code Setup in Dentrix Help:

The ADA has developed a comprehensive reference library with coding educational material for dentists. You can learn more at this link: