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Don’t Rely on Your Memory – Use the Appointment Checklist

When you create a patient appointment or check a patient in at the front desk, there may be a lot of things to try and remember to do. Did you know that Dentrix gives you a checklist at the bottom of the Appointment Information dialog box that you can use to make sure...

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Requiring Referral Sources for New Patients

One of  the features available in Dentrix G7.3  is an option to require a referral source for a new patient. I really like this new feature because I think it will benefit all types of offices. To enable this new feature, in the Dentrix Office Manager go to...

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Three Ways to Manage Family Relationships in Dentrix

When thinking about the patients in your practice, some of them might have blended families. You’re going to need to handle those unique family situations within Dentrix. This blog post focuses on different ways of handling those family situations. Establishing...

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Customizing the Appointment Book Hover Window to Fit Your Needs

Most of you are probably familiar with the Hover window in the Dentrix Appointment Book. When you hover your mouse over a particular appointment, the Hover window appears and gives you information about the patient and their appointment. But did you know that you can...

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Entering Batch Insurance Payments in Dentrix

It’s Monday at 5:00pm and it’s been a long day at the office. We often have a lot of mail on Mondays since the office is closed on the weekend and there are a lot of checks to post. We’ve posted all the checks, closed out the day, run a deposit slip and…oh no! We...

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