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Updated 2/20/2019

When you use the continuing care system in Dentrix, each patient is attached to their own continuing care type(s). These continuing care types are set up with defaults (like six months between prophy visits) but Dentrix allows you to adjust the interval for each continuing care type on a patient-by-patient basis.

When you adjust the intervals for individual patients, every patient can be set up on exactly the interval they need and their continuing care due dates will reflect their own intervals instead of the standard intervals used for the rest of the practice.

To change a continuing care interval for a patient:

  1. With a patient selected in the Chart, click the Continuing Care button. The Continuing Care dialog box appears with the patient’s name included in the title bar.
  2. Double-click the continuing care type to be changed.
  3. To set the interval for the patient’s continuing care, click the search button next to the Due Date field.
  4. Change the interval to reflect the amount of time that should elapse between the patient’s continuing care visits. If you want the interval to extend an extra day to prevent insurance billing problems, select +1 Day. Click OK.
    Note: When you change the interval, the patient’s continuing care due date is automatically updated to reflect the new interval period. You can manually reset the date by typing the date in the New Due Date field after you set the interval.
  5. Close the Continuing Care module.

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