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When you present a treatment plan for a patient, you might often encounter situations where the patient has two options, but some shared procedures between the two alternatives must be part of both presentations. For example, while the patient could choose either an implant and crown or a bridge for their situation, you have to extract the tooth first no matter which option they choose.

Fortunately, to present these options, you don’t need to spend the time reentering the same treatment procedures into multiple cases!

First, enter all of the needed treatment into a single case. Then right-click the case and click Create Alternate Case.

Enter a name for the new alternate case (for this example, we’ll name this case Bridge) and select only those procedure codes that should be shared between the two treatment options—the procedures that need to be completed no matter what.

When you click OK, the new case is created, and the original is linked to this case.

Next, open the original case, select the procedure code(s) that should be unique to the alternate case you just created (the bridge procedures), and move them by dragging them from the original case to the alternate case.

What you should have when you are finished is your original case that contains procedures that should be completed no matter what and procedures for the first option of treatment (the implant and crown procedures), and a new alternate case that contains the same procedures that should be completed no matter what and the procedures for the bridge treatment option.

Bonus Tip

Because these cases are linked together, when one case is accepted, the other one is automatically rejected in Dentrix.

For additional information, read Creating Treatment Plan Options for your Patients in Dentrix Magazine.